YouTube isn't the only video sharing service in town

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by Zachary Sniderman28 YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. If you want to upload a video on the Internet, pretty much anyone will default to the web’s standard. And why shouldn’t they? YouTube has been the platform for viral sensations, from huge brands (Old Spice) to kid musicians (Justin Bieber). The wisdom: “Go where the people are.” It makes YouTube tempting, especially as it continues …

Viral Videos of the Week: Improv Everywhere at the GEL Conference

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At the GEL Conference in New York, members of the self-proclaimed “prank collective”, Improv Everywhere burst into a full blown musical after a man refuses to turn his cellphone off.   By now we’ve become accustomed to Improv Everywhere’s viral videos exploding across web. These are the same people who orchestrated the now legendary “Frozen Grand Central Station” event where …

Girl is a Master Musical Multitasker

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Uploaded just two days ago, this video features a young woman playing several classical pieces on the violin, piano and some other plucked instrument. (If you know the instrument name, let us know in the comments). The video has already pulled in nearly a half million views and was a hot topic on the front page of the popular link …

Google’s Eric Schmidt Interviews Tina Fey

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The former Google CEO Eric Schmidt took an hour to interview the comedy powerhouse that is Tina Fey. This isn’t Schmidt’s first trip into talk show territory, he’ previously interviewed James Cameron in 2010 and at one point filmed a pilot for a TV show with CNN. Fey is making the promotional rounds for her new book “Bossypants”.

Viral Video of the Week: Fast Food Lasagna

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This week’s viral video comes to us courtesy of the mad scientists over at Epic Meal Time. The group, known for its monstrosities of artery clogging food, took on the innocent lasagna. EMT (an ironic abbreviation, huh?) ended up with a 74,000 calorie abomination of meat and cheese. Are you hungry now?

YouTube Improves Video Analytics for Partners With New Tools

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by Amy-Mae Elliott Analyzing your video channel’s content is about to get a lot easier for YouTube Partners, thanks to the preview launch of new “Partner Analytics” tools. Whereas before, detailed analytical info had been available via raw data from downloadable spreadsheets, now there’s a lot more at-a-glance info. We spoke with the two YouTube product managers responsible for the launch …

Viral Video of the Week: Robot Exoskeleton Helps Man Walk After 20yrs in a Wheelchair

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For the few of you who still aren’t convinced that the future is now, I present to you a robotic exoskeleton that allows people with severe walking impairments… to walk. The YouTube video description explains, “ReWalk™ is an alternative mobility solution to the wheelchair for individuals with severe walking impairments, enabling them to stand, walk, ascend/descent stairs and more.” While …

Viral Video(s) of the Week: Real or Fake? Beckham's Mad Soccer Skills

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In this latest video entry into the “what the hell did I just see?” video category is David Beckham supposedly making three incredibly accurate shots into trash cans. See the video below. So what do you think? Real or fake? Personally, I’m going with the latter. I could point to the obvious fact that Beckham is grasping a Diet Coke, …