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Video for Real Estate Your Success Mantra of Real Estate Business

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Comprehend the Best Ways to Utilize Video for Real Estate Marketing! There is something that you need to do to make your real estate business boom. Marketing, Marketing and Marketing. But what type of marketing will work the best for you? Yes, I know, you have come here to read about benefits of video marketing for real estate. However, for …

Video for realtors: Best Way to Promote Your Real Estate Business

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  There is no doubt that the real estate market is full of competition. As a real estate agent, you need to supply something extra so that homebuyers, vacationers and commercial tenants are drawn towards you. It is needless to say that the economy of present times has made it nearly impossible to get required buyers for your properties. Therefore, …

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Why Realtors should Opt for Mobile Marketing

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Real Estate market has been quite dull from the past two years. However, there is huge amount of competition in this business. To attract buyers to your website and to get them hooked you need to find the right solution. As a realtor, you must have tried various and frustrating methods of online marketing. You must have also tried using …

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Mobile Real Estate: Future of Real Estate Marketing

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So, what is the hottest thing in the market? Well, if you are a real estate agent then it is real estate mobile marketing.  You might be curious about knowing this newest marketing technique.  It may be the newest technique however it is already becoming highly popular. Mobile Real Estate Marketing is about promoting your real estate business in the …


Why Should You Choose Real Estate Mobile Marketing

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  You need to be at par with your competitors if you want your real estate business to give massive profits. In today’s highly competitive world, it is not easy to go ahead of your competitors. You are supposed to have the best marketing strategy to get an added advantage.  There is no point in trying flyers, yellow pages and …

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Mobile Media Marketing: Hottest Technique of Boosting Real Estate Sales

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  If you are thinking of making things progressive, then you must have your brand supported by effective marketing techniques.You need to get those techniques of marketing working for your real estate business in the best possible way. Marketing strategy is something that takes the shape of the situation and helps you reap major profits. Mobile Media Marketing is one …


How Using Social Media for Real Estate Business can Boost Your Sales

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Media is a great boon to augment your real estate business. Media real estate helps you to directly connect with your clients to foster relationship with them. It provides your prospective clients with a platform to interact.   Let’s see how Media Real Estate can provide enormous profits for your real estate business 1. Videos help to boost visibility. It …

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Marketer of the Year Award Winners: Mojo Global

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[divider style=”2″ align=”center” size=”normal” variant=”normal” dimension=”1px” color=”” scrolltext=””][/divider] Mojo Global Receives Marketer of the Year Award! When Ira Rosen and Cory Sanchez launched Mojo Global in 2009, friends and business associates didn’t think the company would make it through the recession. Today, Mojo has 15 employees and clients around the world. “We started when we were in the middle of …