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Why Realtors should Opt for Mobile Marketing

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Real Estate market has been quite dull from the past two years. However, there is huge amount of competition in this business. To attract buyers to your website and to get them hooked you need to find the right solution. As a realtor, you must have tried various and frustrating methods of online marketing. You must have also tried using flyers, yellow pages etc.

Text messaging is the newest method of promoting your real estate business. Most realtors are opting to this amazing way of  marketing. You can be assured that this will get you massive profits without much investment. Cannot believe it? Let’s see the Statistics given below:

Almost  twenty percent of people have started using mobiles for browsing the internet.

Using SMS you can reach thousands of prospective buyers at once. SMS alerts have become an instant hit with people under the age of forty-five.

Well, you are surely getting interested in the above facts. Nevertheless, there is more to it.


Let’s understand Why Realtors should Opt for Mobile Marketing

1. It is incredibly cheap

You must have tried the most expensive of all methods of real estate marketing. Right from printing pamphlets and flyers but how many of them got you calls? I suppose not many! Therefore, it is essential that you stay with the time. You can make it big if you embrace the newest inexpensive marketing technique. Real estate mobile marketing can get you hundreds of calls per day. It is needless to say that most of them  will convert into high-paying consumers.

2. Getting a Mobile Version of Your Real Estate Website will generate Leads

Even when you get calls for real estate queries, not all of them are audible or worth following-up. But how about getting calls from high-paying consumers? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. Mobile text marketing and getting a mobile version of your real estate website can get you massive leads.

A mobile version of your website is the best way to convert a prospect into a high-paying client.

Remember that real estate mobile marketing is a cheap and convenient option. But taking help of a professional real estate mobile marketing company will make you reap huge profits.

Another, highly profitable way of promoting your real estate business is through video marketing.

If you are willing to understand how YOU can use the video marketing in real estate video then sign up for FREE Real Estate Video Marketing Course. It is a 5 part course which will help you in creating a custom-made video and help in enhancing your business.


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