Why It Pays to Incorporate Personality into Your Sales and Marketing…and How to Do It Right

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For consumers, buying a product is about more than the product itself. They’re also looking for brand image and personality, which tells them that they’re getting behind a business that cares about their product and their customers.

So, personality is about more than branding — it’s an important way to tell customers that a product, and your brand, deliver on promises.

When you incorporate personality into your sales and marketing strategy, it can mean big gains for your business, provided you do it right.

Why Personality Matters

Brands with personality resonate with people, leading their minds to immediately jump to those specific brands when they need a product. Brands with an identity all their own are easy to remember and identify, and customers feel they can trust the brand more.

Brand personalities also show customers how a product can benefit their lives and how a business fits into their lifestyle.

The key to brand personality is letting your customers know what kind of service they can expect from you, which comes through in everything from your visuals to your customer base. The goal here is creating an identity for your customers to interact with, rather than a cold, impersonal business.

How to Determine Your Brand Personality

Reinventing your brand personality is difficult and rarely works, but working with your existing brand can connect you with your customers.

Your brand personality should come from your existing customer base, which starts with these questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they relate to?
  • What visual messages are they familiar with?
  • What traits do they share?
  • What “insider knowledge” do they have, such as inside jokes or tropes?
  • How do they relate to and use your products?

Answering these questions will help you understand the expectations of your brand and develop the personality it should have. It doesn’t need to be a stereotype of your customers, but more an reflection of how your customers see themselves.

Giving Your Brand Identity

Giving your brand a personality is giving it a relatable, identifiable element that humanizes it to customers, such as a “face.”

If you’ve ever seen an ad with a famous cartoon character, a celebrity or a mascot, you’ve seen brand identity at work. Every aspect of these characters, from the color palette to the attitude, is strategized to connect with customers and show off the personality of the brand.

Now, not every brand needs a colorful cartoon to sell. Developing personality is as simple as showing off your culture in marketing videos, customer service, demonstrations or writing voice for content. The common theme is that the message matches the idea of the branding.

Here are some ways to include personality in your sales and marketing:

  • Make it clear that real people run your company.
  • Provide information about the key people in your company.
  • Build a consistent and entertaining social media presence.
  • Use videos and podcasts.
  • Write friendly copy that’s not overly corporate or salesy.
  • Use emotion in your marketing.

Many people buy products because they have a problem and need a solution, but ultimately, they’re buying from other people. Reaching customers on that level will make your brand more relatable and improve your profits.

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