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What is YouTube Real Estate Marketing?

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Real estate marketing is the talk of the real estate industry.

However, 92% real estate agents do not know the best methods to generate sales. They are tied up with the same old methods that has stopped working years ago.  You cannot randomly opt for any of the available marketing ideas for real estate business. You need specific ideas that “SUCCEED” in giving  desired results.

One of the most popular method that has emerged out lately is “YouTube” real estate marketing. It is becoming increasingly famous but yet 9/10 real estate agents are unaware of the “Power of YouTube”.

So while, this can be your magic mantra. You need to first understand what it is and how it can help to boost your real estate sales. people know why you need a YouTube video for real estate marketing.

Real estate agents are aware of the famous but less useful alternatives such as pamphlets, yellow pages etc. But very less number of them understand the “Value” YouTube can add in quadrupling their real estate sales.

So without any further delay, let’s us understand the “What is YouTube Real Estate Marketing and How you can use it for Sky-rocketing your sales”

What is YouTube Real Estate Marketing?

The general opinion about a video is that it is needlessly high-priced, takes too much time and is difficult to perfect. Most common mistake that people make is comparing it with TV advertising budgets. It is not so expensive to upload videos on YouTube.

Considering the fact, that about 150,000 and 200,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube each day. US ranks the first on the most uploading nations with the contribution of 34.5 percent. While UK ranks second on the list of with a contribution of 6.9 percent of uploads.

It might take more than four hundred years for you to see the entire content on YouTube. But it cannot be denied that YoutTube real state marketing works the best.

But (this is a big one – for all real estate marketers)- uploading a video on YouTube doesn’t imply that will get “high views”. At Mojo Global, many times we have clients asking us to “Upload” video to YouTube or just make a YouTube real estate video.

However, this can put them anywhere among the 200,000. You need your videos to have great idea and proper marketing for it to get “seen”. If you have properly done videos that are well-promoted then you can get your audience.

How to Do it?

Viral video has become such a term that is nowadays used for ‘online video’. Yet, there is a main thing, you need a thing to get viral.

For example, something that lands up from your mobile to someone other person’s computer or mobile through web then your content has got “viral”. Still, it is essential to consider that getting your content viral need “tremendous efforts” and/or “Huge investment”.
You must be having a Facebook and LinkedIn account. You must be also having a huge list of friends/contacts on respective sites. So, why is being viral among the top marketing ideas for realtors?

Let’s take into consideration that if you ask your huge list of friends/contacts to pass or ‘share’ your real estate video then your 400 friends will have another 400 friends and thus, in this way your brand will get promoted and will get “viral”. Your viral marketing strategy for real estate business will not only fetch you viewers but will fetch consumers as well. Isn’t this a smart technique of promoting your real estate business?

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