Is it weird to prospect on Facebook and SMS?

Cory Michael Sanchez Mojo Marketing Edge Leave a Comment

In this weeks Mojo My Business Podcast, we ask the question: is it inappropriate to reach out to a prospect on Facebook messages and through SMS?

Our friend, Eric Lofholm, known as the Sales Champion, answers this controversial question.

We are also joined by Dr. Bob Brewer from “Lead the Team”, who answers the “age old” question:

Why don’t people do what you want them to do and at the level that you want them to do it at?

You don’t want to miss this empowering episode!

P.S. Eric is also offering you access to his 2017 Sales and Marketing plan course. I guarantee that if you have this for your business, then you will hit the ground running in 2017 (and finish 2016 strong!)

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