Ultimate Guide to Social Selling

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At its heart, social selling is social networking. Buyers use social media to research vendors and learn more before buying. Vendors use social media to engage with their customers and inform potential buyers. With this in mind, social media allows you to get your potential buyers to know, like and trust you to close the sale.

Social selling begins with social networking through LinkedIn. This guide will show you all you need to know about social selling on LinkedIn, so you’re ready to reap the benefits.

Why Social Selling?

Social networking is a valuable tool for building connections, cultivating relationships and sharing information. By harnessing the power of the huge LinkedIn audience, you can get more customers, distribution partners, referrals, mentors and target relationships designed to take your business goals further than traditional cold calling or emailing ever could.

With LinkedIn, you have the potential to make hundreds of new connections each month, pre-qualify prospects and interact with customers all over the world. Social selling on LinkedIn is also scalable and you’re prepared for the financial and time commitment upfront, unlike physical sales prospecting.

Building a Strong LinkedIn Sales Profile

LinkedIn gives you access to virtually limitless potential customers, but it can also be easier to get lost in the “noise” of such a crowded platform. We already know that buyers use social media to learn about vendors and inform their buying decision, so successful social selling starts with your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile page is more than your business card and resume. It’s also the foundation of your connections and social selling strategy.

First is your profile picture. This will appear on every interaction you have on LinkedIn, from comments to InMail, so it’s important to use a picture that’s professional and inviting.

Next is your headline. This is a short phrase that gives other users an impression of you and communicates the value you bring to your buyers. Instead of listing your job title, use this space to talk about the problems you solve and the solutions you provide, so your buyers can quickly ascertain your value to them.

Your summary is an extension of your headline that’s a little more detailed about what you do. This section should be short and focused on problems and solutions, showing buyers the passion you have for your work. Try to avoid making your summary more than a few paragraphs by focusing on your goals and achievements.

The experience section is where you can go into detail about your background and qualifications. This section is similar to a resume, so keep the descriptions short and specific.

Building Connections on LinkedIn

Now that you have a strong profile, it’s time to dive into the networking part of it. Social selling is all about connecting with potential customers, which can be done easily with the right content.

LinkedIn gives you plenty of details about your audience, so you can deliver focused content. Consider these strategies:

  • Search: The simplest way to start nurturing connections is by a simple search. LinkedIn allows you to filter your search by criteria like job title, company size, industry and other information, so you can leverage these searches and connect with people who can benefit from your product or service.
  • “People Also Viewed” Tool: Social selling isn’t new, so it’s safe to assume that many other sellers are using similar tactics to connect with potential customers. What makes LinkedIn so effective is that it automatically recommends other potential connections based on the searches you’re performing, so some of your prospecting is done for you.
  • Shared Connections: Shared connections are similar to referrals in physical selling. When you view someone’s profile, you can see the mutual connections you have. This is a great opportunity to ask for an introduction to your hopeful connection, rather than sending a cold request.

Personal Branding
Like your profile, your personal brand is vital to successful selling on LinkedIn. Your personal brand is reflected in the content you share and the engagement you have with your connections, so it’s important to remember your goals and professionalism at all times.

The last thing you want is to be the pushy salesperson online.

Social selling is about trust, collaboration and engagement, not disingenuous relationships all about your product or service. Instead of focusing on selling, present yourself as a person who genuinely wants to solve problems and improve customers’ lives.

Consistency is another important element of personal branding. Your goal should be to create an online presence that reinforces the sense of trust and industry expertise, which can be achieved by sharing valuable content regularly and making sure to interact with your potential customers as much as possible.

While some of your content can be industry-specific and directed at a broader audience, it’s best to have some personalized content that communicates directly with your target buyer and addresses their needs. Use previous interactions, like a conversation you had with a connection recently, or other buyer data to craft content that resonates with the target buyers. The audience may be smaller, but the potential for engagement and future sales is much higher.

Boost Your Social Selling on LinkedIn with Help from Mojo Global

Social selling on LinkedIn is vital to getting ahead in the modern sales environment. Embracing this change will help you meet your quotas, elevate your performance, increase your revenue and maximize your profitability.

Navigating on the online sales environment and measuring impact can be difficult when you’re getting started, which is why many companies invest in social selling training to ensure they’re getting a great start. If you want to jumpstart your social selling efforts, Mojo Global can help. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals with all aspects of social selling with our Done for You Leads Program for LinkedIn. Contact us today to learn more!

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