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The Power of Video Marketing

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First  the Mechanics of video marketing.

There are two key components to video marketing when considering your strategy

  • Content what do I want my content to do
  • Distributional and syndication who do I want to see my content

Video Content normally falls into several categories:

  • Branded editorial
  • Editorial
  • Educational
  • How to use

Most of your videos will fall into one of these broad categories. When you use the power of Video marketing to your advantage, the good news is most businesses are experts within theirs prospective industries this creates ample opportunity to share their knowledge and insights.

There are several Key rules for producing video content,

  • Clarity of message
  • Distinction of idea
  • Crafted in a storytelling way
  • Entertaining
  • Succinct you should keep you Video length to 1 to 3 min.

Power of Video Marketing in the marketing mix

You should plan on how the Power of Video Marketing fits into your overall marketing mix. Please remember your educating and informing not selling it’s important to have a clear strategy of what you want your video content to deliver one that is Important to the function of your particular marketing strategies. You should look at how it fits in with your overall marketing mix and how could video to use this strategy to help achieve your marketing objectives.  The good news is your clients will soon tell you what video content they like. This feedback is key in providing good video.

What is my value proposition and what three things best articulated. It’s important to remember that you need to have a clear strategy of what you want your video of the message you want your video to deliver. An example of this would be in making sure your next meeting at a clients office is effective on time and productive.  Many times you pr your sales force can set a meeting with the client the next week only to show up in the client not remember they had a meeting with you.  In this video Cory Sanchez founder of Mojo Global tells us how he uses the power of video marketing to make sure that his clients know who he is and are ready to meet when he shows up.

Why not use the power of video marketing to reconfirm your meeting and make sure that the client not only knows that you have a scheduled meeting but more importantly knows what you’re going to be meeting about and actually sees your face and hears your message. Using the power of video marketing in a e-mail video e-mail follow-up can make every meeting you have more productive and more profitable.

Just think about all the no-shows that you have had over the past year. If you put together just one video like this those no-shows will go away and remember it’s important that we make sure that your potential clients show up and we can accomplish this with the power of video marketing.

Why do I need the Power of Video Marketing?

With the power of video marketing it is easy to create interest and intrigue with video. It’s important to remember that as a business owner that we inform and entertain particularly if are trying to build a relationship. Using the Power of Video Marketing as follow up video is one way to make your business more successful and keep your name and marketing message in front of your potential clients.

  • Power of Video Marketing  to build intrigue and mystery and set the tone for the meeting to come.
  • Using a Pre-meeting video you engage the group you are meeting with and re affirm the meeting date.

This will help you target your market with a specific message before you meet with them and re affirm the meeting time and date.

Make your product or service stand out from the rest with the Power of Video Marketing, follow up video seminar training. Video Email for pre meeting follow up. Entertain, interesting and edutainment. Use video to build intrigue and mystery. The real Power of Video Marketing is videos capability of creating awareness to the viewer on multiple levels simultaneously.  Video campaigns should create awareness to the type of company being represented, types of products offered, and any other products or services.  Really Video Marketing is much more interactive than other media forms, the increased conversion is measurable and cost less per eyeball than any form of print media. That is the true Power of Video Marketing.

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