The Google Plus Trailer (The Social Network Parody)

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You’ve seen the Oscar-winning film, The Social Network; now it is time to experience the award-eligible film that explores the internet’s newest phenomenon- Google Plus. From the nerdy enthusiasm of the early-adopters to the extreme confusion of, well, pretty much everyone else, this film takes you inside the almost exclusively male world of Google’s newest social networking venture.

New Guinea Tribe Meets White Man for the First Time

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While far from a new video, this 1974 clip from “Tribal Journeys“ was submitted to the popular link-sharing website Reddit, to the delight of its user-base. The clip depicts a Papua, New Guinea tribe meeting white men for the first time. The video has been called transfixing and touching, while some argue that the disturbance of this unspoiled tribe is regrettable. …

Viral Video of the Week: Amy Winehouse Bombs On Stage

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The troubled soul singer, Amy Winehouse is all over YouTube right now. Unfortunately for her, it’s not the most flattering video. The singer performed (if you can call it that) at a festival in Belgrade, Serbia while attempting to keep her balance and forgetting the lyrics to her songs. She was finally booed off stage and has since cancelled some …

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Video Pulled From YouTube

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You might want to sit down for this one. No seriously, are you sitting? Okay, good. I’d like to point out that MOJO Video is not liable for any shock related health issues. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video, boasting over 160 million views is no more. Well, on YouTube at least. Hate it or… well, tolerate it, Black’s ode to …

Dartmouth & Stanford To Live Stream Commencements on YouTube

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by Brenna Ehrlich Never made it to your college commencement ceremony? (All-night celebratory benders can do that to you.) Never fear. YouTube will be live streaming the graduation ceremonies of two top-tier U.S. schools on Sunday for your nostalgic viewing pleasure. There are tons of commencement speeches up on YouTube —Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley gave a particularly inspiring one at Syracuse — …

Viral Video of the Week: Shampoo Prank

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The internet loves a good prank video. They’re short, sweet and usually satisfying. The Comedy Central show “Tosh.O” has made internet prank videos a regular part of its content, however they are often mean-spirited and even end in injury for the unlucky victim. Thus, it’s refreshing to see a completely harmless gag from time to time. This video is the perfect example …

Viral Video of the Week: Tribute to People of Walmart

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“This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favorite store.” That how’s  The People of Walmart blog describes itself. Inspired by the quirky images of individuals shopping at the mega department store, Jessica Frech wrote, recorded and set her song to images from Walmart.