Kennosuke and Yukina in the Black Relic pick up Tom in his GAUS 1, and they depart from the overrun research facility.

Most of these are enslaved to the gronn of the Blade's Edge Mountains, worshipping Gruul as a deity and answering to High King Maulgar, and are in conflict with each other and other races over the diminishing resources of the shattered world. Because of Kennosuke's mistrust of Ogres, the Demon departs but promises to assist him if needed. They hold a special affinity for the earth, able to use arcane power to shape and bend rock and stone to their will. These ogre magi often enjoy an elevated position among the clans.[12]. 450 years prior to the present, an extraterrestrial force called Efi Dorg invades Earth; the people of Sengoku era Japan dub their mecha and robotic drones as oni. The wounded Lefil reveals to Zell, Kennosuke, Muetta and Hiromi that Efi Dorg will send a larger correctional fleet that would reach Earth in 224 rotational periods. Kennosuke and Yukina struggle to defeat the Yellow Crab due to its high-output gravity shield, but they finally manage to destroy it. The Gezon-Reco Company notices that Efi Dorg officer Imusa has descended again to Earth in order to find the three remaining Pivot Stones including the Key Stone.

Elsewhere, Warchief Blackhand tasked the Frostwolf, Thunderlord and Whiteclaw clans with wiping out Draenor's gronn, ogron and magnaron, as well as the ogres that had refused to join the Horde. Ko'ragh was the only ogre to survive direct exposure to a mysterious relic unearthed by the Highmaul excavations of Nagrand, and was left with a near-complete immunity to all magic. Muetta and Mirasa gain entry inside the United Nations Kurobe Laboratory and disguise themselves as miners. Once you have opened all four you will receive the Decrypter, Table for One trophy or achievement.

After they head to the deployment bridge near the Black Relic, Kennosuke confronts Fusunani in battle. This is the first Decoder Box that you can find in the game. [32] During the Third War, many of the ogre lords rallied the remnants of their scattered people for some unknown purpose. After school nurse and student counselor Marina Unami directs Kennosuke to the library, he learns that the era of the samurai has long passed. As he explains that he is neither an Ogre nor an Earthling, he confirms that he is an enemy of Efi Dorg. During the filming, Kennosuke asks Muetta to fight with him as an equal against Efi Dorg. The people of Goria thought themselves able to outlast any siege thanks to their ocean port, but the city's ships were burned down when the city was destroyed by the elements. Kennosuke and Muetta reunite with Yukina, leaving the Efi Dorg Spaceship in their geoframes, but are pulled away from orbit. As a last resort, ogres have some skill in formation fighting and will use a combination of charges and withdrawals to try to surround enemies. Just then, a Cactus appears, captures Yukina and escapes back into orbit.

Trick Treasure Box 6 Kennosuke painted a rough sketch of an Ogre that the United Nations can use for identification. After getting lost, Kennosuke and Yukina arrive at the same hot spring. After everyone enjoys a meal cooked by Kennosuke, they then criticize the cosplay fan video edited by Carlos, which blasts heavy metal filmed in a black and white format. It soon became clear that these two-headed ogres were exceptional spellcasters, and their appearance was seen as a good omen. The ogres of Highmaul are referred to as high ogres. [5] It began airing on April 7, 2016.

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