Sales 201: The Fortune is in the Follow-up

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Statistics show that 80% of sales are closed between the 5th and the 12th attempt but 48% of sales people never follow-up.

Take a peek at these “eye opening” stats:

Here’s what most sales folks say about this:

If you’re sitting next to someone…look over at them. One of you doesn’t follow up…

The one who does probably has a better car, better watch, and a prettier home.

You see, one of the biggest secrets to massive success is FOLLOW UP.

It’s not sexy either…but it WORKS.

So here are the 3 “R’s” of Follow Up that will help you land deals like a pro so you’ll win the marathon (and not end up like “Uncle Rico” talking about his“glory days” now that the “big wins” are behind him).

Rule #1: Be Religious

Consistency is one of your ultimate weapons for mastering followup.

Make sure to schedule time on your calendar so you can follow-up with prospects. At Mojo we call this “Golden Time”, and it should become part of your daily routine.

Calendar 1 hour everyday dedicated to re-connecting with your prospects. This is not something you can squeeze in between meetings, so make sure whoever manages your calendar knows the importance of these follow-up sessions.

Rule #2: Be Relentless

Ever read the book 3 feet From Gold?  It talks about a wealth seeker who staked a gold claim that looked lucrative at first glance…but he was never able to tap into the gold vein. After much despair, he gave up, sold his stake to someone else.  The new owner hired an engineer who was able to locate the loot just 3 feet from where the other fellow was digging!

Are you 3 feet from gold? If you never follow up, you’ll never know just how close you are to closing that BIG deal.

Rule #3: Be Resourceful

You need to get creative when it comes to follow-up.

If you stick to one method, it becomes predictable…and boring.

If you wanted to “win the heart” of a damsel, would you choose to leave voicemails once a week and hope that it “does the trick”?

No way! You would figure out whatever you had to do to make it happen. Keep them on their toes.

Send them a message on LinkedIn. See if you can find them on Facebook.

If you have their cell phone…text them. If you don’t, see if you can find it.

Send them a “snail mail” letter or package. If the deal is big enough…it’s totally worth it.

Develop a “go to” system that works, and have an assistant help you implement it so you don’t have to do all the “grunt work”.



You could be one FOLLOW-UP away from GOLD!

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