Laura Betterly on SMS Marketing

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Laura Betterrly on SMS Marketing

Laura Betterrly on SMS Marketing

We all know where the future of Marketing is headed.


No longer will people be tied down to their computers, but will soon be able to walk out of their house with their mobile smart phone capable of doing everything they need and more. Imagine a world where you can pay your bills, start your car, watch movies, purchase items, read books, talk with friends, and stay instantly connected to your favorite shops and companies. That future is already here. With so much focus on this “Mobile Revolution” have you prepared yourself for the new wave of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Check out this webinar with Laura Betterly of Yada Yada Marketing. She’s got the head start in theindustry, but she is kind of enough to reveal some of her secrets on our Video Expert Series.

A must watch!

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