How to Reach the Decision Makers Who Can Give You a “Yes!”

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Generating leads and sales prospects is great, but it only goes so far if your contacts are not in a position to give you the “yes.” High-level decision makers are difficult to reach, but you’ll find that all that hard work will be worth it when you finally close the sale.

The best way to learn how to reach decision makers on their level and develop a strong connection with them isn’t by pitching to them, but by making a connection that provides value and lays the groundwork for a future business opportunities.

Learn more about how to reach the people who can give you a “yes” and reap the benefits of powerful business connections.

Ask for an Interview

If your company has a newsletter or blog, consider interviewing someone with decision-making authority to establish a direct connection with them. Contact the marketing department to ask for an interview, or reach out and ask directly. It doesn’t have to be long or involved, just a few questions and a few minutes of their time, but it’s enough to develop a working relationship.

Ask Advice

Decision makers are authorities in the industry, so call them directly and ask advice on a key matter that’s relevant to the trends in your industry. This not only shows your respect for their knowledge and experience, but it helps you connect with them and build a relationship.

Request a Panel

Industry events frequently use expert panels to discuss trends and issues within the industry. Invite your prospective decision makers to participate in an expert panel and offer to be the host for the event.

Conduct Research

White papers and research documents allow you to reach out to decision-making administrators for data and quotes. This will help the credibility of your documents, along with nurturing a connection between yourself and a prospective decision-maker.

Conduct a Best Practices Audit

A best practices audit examines the business process and evaluates possible improvements. Reaching out to a leader to ask what they believe the best practices are for three areas of the industry and some examples of those practices is a great way to learn more about their mindset and connect with them.

Request an Article Contribution

If you have a publication in your industry, ask a decision-maker to write an article as an authority. Offer to help with the structure or editing if necessary. This gives you an open conversation and a relationship with a foundation of mutual respect.

What Not to Do

In all of these suggestions, the focus is on respect. Manipulating someone into a connection is not only disingenuous, but it won’t help you develop a strong working connection and a positive reputation in your industry.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t immediately pitch. Give the connection time to grow.
  • Don’t waste their time. Plan for how you will represent them.

Instead, show your respect and interest by giving them a copy of their contribution, getting permission for anything you use and asking their opinion and insight on the finished product. This opens up the line for future communication and lends sincerity to the relationship.

Get Professional Guidance from Mojo Global

These strategies are a good way to build connections and reach the prospects who matter most. When you’re patient and take the time to cultivate a real business relationship and learn how to reach decision makers in your industry on their level, the rest will come.

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