How-to Prospect with Cold Emails

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Prospecting with cold emails is still a valuable tool in the salesperson’s arsenal, and it’s exceptionally easy to draft and send dozens of emails a day in hopes of getting some prospects. Unfortunately, sending emails isn’t enough, since you need readers to reply to get any results from your efforts.

If you can turn a cold email into a conversation, you’re far more likely to seal the deal. Prospecting with cold emails can be challenging, but we’ve put together some tips that will get you replies and get you closer to your sales goals.

Personalize the Email

If you have access to information about your prospect online, use it to your advantage. If they or their company had recent news or is just coming up on the end of a quarter, you have relevant information to base your email prospecting around to connect with them on a real level.

If you’re responding to a request or inbound behavior, be sure to be specific about the email trigger in your subject line to entice them to open the email. This is more likely to have your email read and have your prospect feel valued.

Keep Emails Timely

With the speed of the internet, timeliness is becoming more and more important in online interactions. The ideal response times for your email would be within an hour, though a day is still acceptable. Longer time periods make your email’s purpose less impactful. Thus, it would be better to focus on something else for your prospecting.

Provide Value, not Pitches

Once you get the trigger event, it’s time to prove to your prospect you have something of value to provide them. This can be as simple as an article or video that’s relevant and shows your prospect you’re not about selling, but about actually solving their problem. Credibility is key here. With that in mind, work on offering your prospects information that doesn’t serve your needs, but is all about them.

Invite Conversation

After giving your prospects something that helps them succeed or solves a problem, you’ve created an opportunity for engagement. Invite them to have a conversation with a specific and direct question that’s easy to reply to, so they can clearly see the benefits of interacting with you.

Ideally, your question will link the valuable resource you’ve offered with the service or product you provide, but don’t make it too sales-focused. Keep the conversation genuine and mutually beneficial to create a relationship, rather than just looking to pitch.

Follow Up

With email tracking, it’s easier than ever to check if your recipient opens, reads and forwards your email. Once you have this information, send a follow-up email within 24 hours that offers something of value and entices them to engage with you. Over time, this will establish you as a trustworthy and genuine resource that can deliver results for them, and not just a salesperson with a short-term goal.

Craft Cold Prospecting Emails that Deliver with Help from Mojo Global

Sending out an email blast to all your prospects may be tempting, but it’s short-sighted and can ruin potential leads. Instead of focusing on the sale, focus on the ways you can engage your prospects with genuine conversations, which will ultimately get you the sale.

If you’re looking for some guidance on writing cold prospecting emails that deliver results, Mojo Global can help. Our Done for You Leads Program will help you reach your prospects and make the most of your email cold prospecting, so contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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