How To Create A More Effective Close

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Remember that time you nailed your sales presentation?

Is this how you felt?

Today, the question is, how do you craft the perfect close? An effective close is something that you know works so well, it’s like clockwork.

If you’re like most people, they just “wing it”… and hope to pull a magic rabbit out of their hat every time.

The real way to nail it every time is to plan it out so well you could do it with your eyes closed!

It may be easier than you think. Just follow these 3 simple steps:


Step 1: You will need to make a list of all the components in your close. I know… this isn’t exactly like taking a trip to Disneyland, but it’s the one thing that will make you a top income earner among your peers. Think about what key points you need to cover in your close. Things like price, what they will receive, guarantees, warranties, payment plans, terms & agreements, delivery options and so on. Get it all down on paper.

If you can, take a moment and do that right now. I guarantee you will be that much closer to maxing out your closing rate percentage.

Step 2: Create your closing outline. Put your list of components in order. Get it into a sequence (sequence is very important in sales!). When you are done, you should know exactly how you are going to proceed. For example, you may start by covering guarantees, move on to what they will receive and then reveal the price. The idea is simple, but it is huge.

Step 3: Write a mini script for each component you organized in Step 1. For example, guarantees, you may want to write a few lines explaining the type of guarantee you offer and how they can claim it. You will need to do this for all components because it will help you transition between them smoothly.

If you put in this level of commitment into your close, I can guarantee your closing ratio will rapidly improve. It is not a question of whether or not it may work – it works! It is just a question of if you will take action now.

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