How to Ask for Testimonials

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Word of mouth is a powerful force in the business world, and testimonials serve the same purpose in the online environment. A testimonial can boost your credibility, build trust with your prospective buyers and compel people to buy, giving you tons of traction in the future.

The key is to get the right testimonials from the right people at the right time. Find out how to ask for testimonials that make the sale.

Ask the Right Questions

When you have a customer who’s finding success from your product or service, this is the perfect person to give you a testimonial that will build your credibility and authority. A testimonial is more than just a review. It has to have the focus and information that helps prospective buyers make a buying decision, so asking the right questions is vital to getting a successful testimonial.

Ideally, your questions will be designed in a way that eliminates any doubt prospective buyers may have about your product or service, provides them with the information they need and demonstrates previous success.

  • How many meetings did you have with people since we last met?
  • How long have you had your business?
  • How long have you been offering this product?
  • How many appointments did you have before you became involved with us?
  • How would you rate our ability to get you conversations with your select market?
  • What could we do to improve our service?
  • What have we done well?
  • Would you mind giving us a testimonial on how we were able to serve your needs?

If they agree to give you a testimonial, you can offer options that are most convenient for them. Testimonials can be video, audio or written, and you can even offer to write the testimonial for them and allow them to edit as they choose. They’re doing you a favor, so it’s best to make it as convenient as possible.

Ask for Feedback

If you prefer, you can frame testimonials as “feedback” that will allow for genuine responses that don’t feel stiff or forced. Some people may feel more comfortable with this approach, and you can then combine and edit their responses into a testimonial to submit to them for approval.

If you go this route, try to get a few specific elements from your feedback:

  • Specific information about problems, solutions, benefits and results.
  • Genuine answers that are conversational and written in the customer’s voice.
  • A format that includes context for the use of your product or service and how it impacted them.
  • Specific information about the person providing the testimonial, whether it’s a name, photo, business name or website, to assure your readers it is a real testimonial.

The request for the testimonial or getting feedback from a customer should aim to address information prospective buyers will want to know.

Finding the Right Time

Part of the challenge in getting testimonials is choosing the right time to ask for them. In most cases, this time is right after your customer saw results from your product or service, which is when they’re most likely to want to share that information with others.

Finding the ideal time can be done a number of ways. Media monitoring tools can alert you to mentions of your brand on social media, which you can then follow up on with the customers. Comments on your blog or social media post that have a positive message may also indicate a customer who’s willing to provide you with a testimonial or feedback.


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Customer testimonials are highly beneficial for your brand and future sales, but getting the right testimonials from the right people can be a challenge. In most cases, not knowing what to say or how to approach a testimonial is your customer’s biggest obstacle, so these questions and tips will remove any apprehension and ensure you get testimonials that make the sale.

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  1. These are great suggestions for online reviews. They are good because they are not pushy and they invite a tone of “authenticity”; for example, your suggestion above to “ask for feedback”. Thank you much.

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