First Impressions Are Everything…How to NOT Mess It Up (On LinkedIn) – Part 1

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Ever hear that you can only make
“1 first impression”?

Here’s some super “sciency” background material on this phenomenon: 

“When we form a first impression of another person it’s not really a single impression. We’re really forming two. We’re judging how warm and trustworthy the person is, and that’s trying to answer the question, “What are this person’s intentions toward me?” And we’re also asking ourselves, “How strong and competent is this person?” That’s really about whether or not they’re capable of enacting their intentions.”
Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy 

It means that some folks (hopefully not you) that are making “mammoth” sized errors with their LinkedIn profile. Here’s a short list of “Do’s and Don’ts”.

DON’T use an “facebook-like” picture as your LinkedIn picture.


Besides the obvious (this isn’t Facebook folks!) …professional headshots get 14% times more views!

Also, you might find this interesting:

Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov found after a series of experiments based on facial expression that it only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face.
(Association for Psychological Science) 

This means that people will look at your profile picture and automatically JUDGE YOU based on that!

I know, I know.

What ever happened to “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?!

It’s a nice lesson that grandma taught us, but it has almost ZERO application for today’s decision maker and buyer.

Take a look at this:

You are faced with more advertisements then ever before. No matter where you turn, there is stimuli “up in your face”. As a result, people are trained to make quick decisions about almost everything (and that includes what they think of you the second they see your profile picture). The reason? It saves brain power.

What should you do after you nailed the profile pic? Add a professional header background image to your profile to add credibility.

See the following example.


Here’s another example:

Here is an example of a DON’T:

It’s just too plain.  The background image is your chance to be seen as the ULTIMATE expert… in one second flat.

ANOTHER TIP: Many people will be seduced by the desire to make it a “full on” advertisement.

Don’t! People will automatically see you as someone who is “pitchy” instead of someone there to add value. Automatically their guard will go up…making it harder for you to get a response or a contact.

My friend Dean Jackson says, If you’re a cat trying to catch a mouse you MUST remember the following: more cheese, less whiskers.

Instead, make sure you have something that immediately makes you seem “impressive”. Include a picture of you speaking, a picture of a book you wrote, an award, a testimonial or “5 star” review that you have, or even quote yourself.

Next: add media! 

People are visual beings. Play into this by making your profile POP with Pizazz and pictorial eye candy.

Images posted to your profile will boost views and engagement!

  • You’ll be 36% more likely to receive a message (LinkedIn)
  • Will receive 36% more messages (Inc.)
  • Get 21% more profile views (Inc.)

What kind of images and media do you add?

Add graphics of case studies or testimonials. Add infographics. Add an image with a “call to action” in it. Add memes that relate to your industry.

Here’s an example of a profile with a “good dose” of multi-media:

To sum it all up…your graphics are a CRITICAL part of your profile. Make sure you have MAXED out all your opportunities to get (and keep) their attention.

If you liked this post, please leave a comment and let us know. Also, we will be coming out with a follow up to this soon about  “getting traffic” from LinkedIn’s search algorithm!

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