Empty Calendar Syndrome: an illness that may plague you without you knowing it. Here’s how to get rid of it forever.

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Did you know that 80% of new businesses fail within their first year? (According to the Small Business Administration.)

What is the root of this enormous problem?

It’s called “Empty Calendar Syndrome”, a term coined by my business partner, Ira Rosen.

This business illness is when you don’t have enough appointments in your calendar to sustain your business. It’s an ailment that impacts businesses across the globe, and sadly, most businesses don’t even know they have it.

Take a second to look at your business calendar for the week… How many meetings with prospects do you have lined up?

The national average is 1-2 people per week.


Yes. Sound familiar?

Talking to only 1 – 2 people a week is not going to cut it. If you have an empty calendar, your house is on fire.

You would think that with this problem raging in many businesses, they would do what it takes to fix it, right?


Many entrepreneurs completely ignore this problem, and focus on other “non-revenue producing” tasks instead. This is like mowing your grass when your house is on fire.

That’s why it is imperative to your business to have a stacked calendar of prospective clients to talk to each week.

It’s time to put out the flames.

At the end of the day, a full calendar = a happy calendar!

It can also mean a happy bank account.

So how do you solve this once and for all?

First, it’s important to have a goal in mind.

We recommend that you have 2 appointments per day, and do “whatever it takes” to make that a priority.

With 2 appointments a day and 5 days in the week, you’re set to have 10 appointments a week.

All total, that’s 40 appointments in a month.

Now we are talking.

The average closing percentage for B2B salesperson is 20-30%.

That means, if you meet with 10 people a week you could close 2-3 of them.

Now let’s be uber conservative and say that you are pretty bad at sales and only close 1 out of 10. That means if you met with 40 people in a month, you should be able to close 4 people.

Let’s even cut that in half and say you close 2 new clients in a month (which means your closing average is 5%).

So even if you are horrible at closing, you stand to close 2 deals a month if you focus on filling your calendar. 

So the moral of the story is this:

Don’t fall victim to Empty Calendar Syndrome. Do what it takes to fill your calendar with at least 2 appointments per day so you don’t become another statistic.

Want a proven method for filling your calendar? Avoid Empty Calendar Syndrome with this lead generating (and calendar-filling) technique for B2B sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

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