Crafting the Perfect Sales Pitch

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Generating new sales is a long and continuous process that all starts with the pitch. Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t like pushy selling, and most people don’t want to be pitched, which is why many blatant sales pitches fall flat.

There is a key to an effective pitch, however, and it starts with no pitch at all. Discover the secrets to crafting the perfect sales pitch to get the results you’re looking for.


One of the biggest problems with the standard sales pitch is that it’s impersonal. It’s aimed at a broad audience and follows the standard formula, which doesn’t do much to resonate with the target audience. You could have the best pitch in the world, but if you’re not targeting it for the people who are likely to want and need your product or service, it will never be effective.

Instead, find the thought leaders and people within your industry that are in a position to buy. Once they’re identified, learn a little bit about them and their company, connect with them on social media and tailor your pitch to suit their needs, rather than the needs of a broad audience.

Crafting the Pitch

Before you work on your pitch, consider your ultimate goal, and use that to inform your writing for a clear message. This will help your reader identify your product or service quickly, and it will also allow you to keep your post short and sweet.

Once you have your previous research and your goal in mind, it’s time to customize the pitch. Consider the reader’s pain points and the problems they’re trying to solve, then personalize your pitch to communicate your value to them.

Rethink Automation

Pitching is a long and arduous process, which leads many salespeople to automation. While automation isn’t a problem in itself, it’s much less effective than personalized pitches and has plenty of room for error. For example, just a single issue with a setting or customized fields can give your automation away, which is a virtual guarantee that your email will end up in the virtual trash bin.

If you’re using personalized pitches, supplementing your efforts with automation is fine, but it’s vital that you check all the settings to be sure that errors like that don’t occur.

Offer Something

If you really want to stand out, think more about your reader than you do about your own business needs. Give something away for free, such as a demonstration, free trial or other small sample of your work to prove to your reader that you can provide solutions to their problem. This is not only more likely to grab their attention, but it also shows that you have more to offer than an empty sales pitch.

Keep it Simple

Once you’ve piqued your reader’s interest and inspired them to take action, make sure the process is quick and simple. Holding people’s attention online is becoming more and more difficult, so it’s easy to lose a customer if the process is tedious or complicated. Do your best to limit the steps involved in the action you want them to take, and be clear and concise in telling them how to go about it.


Though proofreading may seem obvious, many pitches fall flat because of poor grammar, misspelled words or addressing the wrong person in the company. Making the sale is all about confidence and trust, so mistakes reflect poorly on your brand and don’t inspire much faith from your reader.

Before you send your pitch, check for errors and verify that all the information is correct. Just a few additional seconds of your time does wonders for your image and the trust and confidence of your reader.

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These tips to crafting the perfect sales pitch may take a little more effort than sending out generic, mass emails to all your prospects, but the emphasis is on quality over quantity. A dozen emails tailored to the right audience amount to far more than a thousand emails that end up in the trash bin.

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  1. These are all great tips. I equate to the following ideology of always be your best, go the extra mile, and give more than expected. Quality of “conversations” always wins over quantity.

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