4 Content Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of

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Marketing strategy is evolving every day, thanks to new tools and technology that are inspiring creativity in marketers. This is also creating new standards for consumers, who are expecting more from their favorite brands. Regardless of what changes come along, however, content marketing is here to stay. Content Has Become The Marketing Funnel The marketing funnel is shifting to a …

Five Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make That Sabotage Their Success

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Many business owners avoid marketing on social media with the mistaken belief that it doesn’t work. In all likelihood, that’s because it’s being done incorrectly, and the lack of results leads business owners to give up completely. Let’s take a look at the common social media marketing mistakes that many businesses make and learn how to fix them. 1. Not …

5 Tips to Write an Email Subject Line that Gets Opened

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When it comes to email marketing, nothing beats the subject line. You could have the best content within the email itself, but if the recipients don’t open it, it’s basically useless. On top of that, the majority of consumers state that the only factor they consider when opening an email is the subject line. Here are five tips to writing …

Why It Pays to Incorporate Personality into Your Sales and Marketing…and How to Do It Right

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For consumers, buying a product is about more than the product itself. They’re also looking for brand image and personality, which tells them that they’re getting behind a business that cares about their product and their customers. So, personality is about more than branding — it’s an important way to tell customers that a product, and your brand, deliver on …

How-to Prospect with Cold Emails

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Prospecting with cold emails is still a valuable tool in the salesperson’s arsenal, and it’s exceptionally easy to draft and send dozens of emails a day in hopes of getting some prospects. Unfortunately, sending emails isn’t enough, since you need readers to reply to get any results from your efforts. If you can turn a cold email into a conversation, …

The Benefits of Posting Original Articles on LinkedIn

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Before we review the benefits of posting original articles on your LinkedIn Profile, let’s look at an overarching reason to create original content… which is for you to be seen as a thought leader in your industry. Creating informative content helps you become someone who people like to learn from, helps build a relationship with them, can provoke discussion and …


David Fagan Is Looking For Authors!

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We want to extend the olive branch of success to our online community. David Fagan, the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, and good friend of MoJo, is looking for some good people to help write his upcoming book. David is looking for people who are ready to become published authors, and have some great insights to share with the world.  It …

The Google Plus Trailer (The Social Network Parody)

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You’ve seen the Oscar-winning film, The Social Network; now it is time to experience the award-eligible film that explores the internet’s newest phenomenon- Google Plus. From the nerdy enthusiasm of the early-adopters to the extreme confusion of, well, pretty much everyone else, this film takes you inside the almost exclusively male world of Google’s newest social networking venture.