5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Sales on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the fourth most popular social network. It’s designed for professionals, which also makes it popular among sales and marketing people. Using this platform, you can generate referrals and leads, cultivate your brand, establish yourself as an authority and apply more targeted prospecting.

Unfortunately, many sales and marketing people fail to use the potential of LinkedIn, missing out on so many opportunities for leads and sales. Let’s take a look at five ways to improve your B2B sales on LinkedIn and use this professional platform to generate business revenue.

Expand Your B2B Network

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn uses “connections” to develop your professional network. These connections are categorized as first, second and third connections, with four different methods for building this network.

People you know well can be exported from your email account by their email addresses, which adds them to your LinkedIn contacts. You can also add people based on your relationship category, such as colleague, classmate, friend and former or current coworker.

LinkedIn Groups is another helpful resource. This gives you excellent exposure and expands your network by building contacts and connections, influencing connections and putting you in contact with industry-based influencers to build authority and generate more traffic to your website.

When adding connections, be sure to tailor all your messages in the request to get better responses and build stronger connections.

Nurture Connections

Building your network through connections is a great start, but you should still nurture them to maximize the potential. Adding connections does little for your business on its own, so you should work to share valuable content and engage with your connections to establish yourself on the platform.

Like, comment and share the posts of others, share your experiences or opinions on your own feed and post articles or blog posts that are relevant to your industry and audience to enhance the interest in your LinkedIn profile. This also helps you connect with more people and gain prospects and high-quality leads.

Get More Leads

LinkedIn Premium is one of the best options to get the most from the platform. Specific filters to target leads, metrics, on-demand learning and InMail, LinkedIn’s private messenger, are all well worth the paid subscription for the potential benefits to your business.

Sales Navigator, another helpful feature, allows sales professionals to use the power of LinkedIn for leads and sales. This highly-targeted feature has predictive search and imports your current leads and targets to suggest accounts for you.

Sales Navigator also gives you information about what’s happening in your listed companies, which helps you understand more about their needs. This may present an opportunity to connect with them in the future. Custom filters allow you to build target lead lists based on the personas you’ve already created.

Lead Builder is another beneficial feature with the Premium subscription. With this tool, you can be specific with your filtering and segmentation and get company details according to search criteria, like regions or industries.

Export to CRM

The Export to CRM option can help you grow a database and add contacts. With this feature, you export a LinkedIn profile to a contact list or lead profile with one click, saving you a lot of time and effort. Because of this, your sales and marketing team are free to focus on prospecting. Always be sure to get permission to contact these people via opt-in, however.

Social Selling Index

Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with prospects and nurture a relationship with meaningful content. LinkedIn includes a feature that “grades” you based on your success with social selling, which helps you improve and learn.

This social selling grade is based on a few criteria, such as the number of connections you make within your target, the content you share and create, the number of clicks for your LinkedIn company page and your level of interaction and engagement with others. For a social media manager, this tool is excellent for learning how to develop your brand and create additional opportunities in your industry.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn with Mojo Global

LinkedIn has the potential to leverage connections and generate leads and sales for your business, which are opportunities you can’t afford to miss. If you’re looking for some expert guidance on generating leads and B2B sales on LinkedIn, Mojo Global can help. Our Done for You Leads Program will help your B2B business make the most of your LinkedIn connections, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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