5 Tips to Write an Email Subject Line that Gets Opened

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When it comes to email marketing, nothing beats the subject line. You could have the best content within the email itself, but if the recipients don’t open it, it’s basically useless.

On top of that, the majority of consumers state that the only factor they consider when opening an email is the subject line.

Here are five tips to writing an email subject line that gets opened, so you can offer value to your customers and move them through your funnel.

Ask a Question

Questions for subject lines are used quite often, for good reason. Questions make your reader curious and encourage them to open the email to find the answer.

Example: “Is your marketing not working?”

Still, you shouldn’t use a question as a bait-and-switch tactic. Simply present your content as a question that needs an answer, rather than choosing sensationalistic wording to entice your readers.

On the other side of this, you could approach any objections by including commonly asked questions about your product or service before they are asked of you.

Example: “Your burning questions answered” or “The 1 question I get asked all the time”.

Present Scarcity

Scarcity has long been an effective marketing strategy, thanks to its ability to inspire quick action from customers. Some examples of this include flash sales and short-term coupons.

Email subject lines can be done the same way. Use your subject line to present deadlines for content, run live sessions on social media or remind customers of products that are quickly selling out.

Don’t be afraid to use their name or emojis in your subject lines, too!

Example: ⏰ 50% off ends at midnight! Don’t miss this, John. ⏰

Spark Curiosity

Subject lines can be boring, which is why subject lines that spark curiosity are more likely to get attention. This may take a little brainstorming to achieve, but simple tweaks like “one quick trick” or “in 30 seconds” will get your reader curious about the tips or tricks you are offering.

Example: “3 things you can (and should) steal from me”. This idea came from an email I got from Marie Forleo and it definitely sparked an open (and a borrow).

Make an Announcement

Announcements can be used to break up the rest of your marketing emails and create urgency with your readers that prompts them to open. You can also word it in a way that sparks curiosity, like not including details about the announcement in the subject line.

Example: “Getting the most out of [insert your product or service here]“. Especially great to send a subject line like this after a new customer orders from you.

Or, “Here’s what you missed…”. This could be used to update your list of an expired offer or video replay.

Just be mindful of what type of content and information you consider worthy of an announcement. If you’re always bombarding your readers with announcements, they won’t be as quick to read your emails.

Keep It Short

Short subject lines have better open rates than long ones, for several reasons. For one, readers are skimming over their inbox and are more likely to notice a short subject line. Shorter phrases also ensure that the subject line isn’t cut off by the maximum text allowed, so you don’t need to worry about the reader missing out on the important part of your message.

Experiment with one word subject lines as well. One emotional word might be enough for the viewer to click:

Bonus tip: Use humor in your subject lines. I just received an email today that was labeled, “Getting Our Ship Together.” Simple, funny and offered free shipping. Hello, new shoes!

Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

We hope that these email subject line tips help you with your email marketing campaigns. Crafting a perfect email subject line is an art, so you’ll need to test your ideas to see what works best for your audience. If you’re looking to boost your email marketing strategy, Mojo Global is here to help. Our Done for You Leads Program will connect you with ready and willing customers who are looking to buy. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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