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Admit it…waking up can sometimes be…uh…challenging.

I mean, mornings would be great if you didn’t have to actually deal with them…

Starting your day right is all about habits. As Aristotle said:

One of the things I have done for the last two year is creating my “morning habits” (or rituals) that allow me to kick butt in the business world.

There are 3 important things I incorporate into my morning rituals.
1. Gratitude

Being in gratitude has been scientifically proven to elevate your mood and make you healthier.

2. Breathing

Breathing exercises pump oxygen into your body, which gives you a morning energy boost. Here’s an article about the Science of deep breathing.

3. Goal setting

Writing down your goals makes your chances of reaching them significantly higher.

You may say…”That’s awesome but…

I get it, you’re busy. WHAT IF you could do this in no time at all…

Well it’s your lucky day. You see, Tony Robbins produced one audio that encompasses all my “go to” rituals, into just one “mood altering” 14 minute audio (and I listen to it every morning).

Here it is for your listening enjoyment:

If you’re reading this, take a moment and play it all. I promise you, you will feel awesome after this.

Go for it. =)

Want one of your “morning rituals” to be waking up to more leads and new prospects every morning? If the answer is “YES”, check out our Done For You B2B Prospecting solutions.


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