4 Content Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of

Marketing strategy is evolving every day, thanks to new tools and technology that are inspiring creativity in marketers. This is also creating new standards for consumers, who are expecting more from their favorite brands.

Regardless of what changes come along, however, content marketing is here to stay.

Content Has Become The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is shifting to a cycle of engagement and customer experience through interaction with content on a variety of platforms, and marketers now have the ability to use their content to guide consumers through a process of awareness, evaluation and decision making that is more tailored and measurable than ever before.

A consumer that reads an article on your blog today, can be strategically presented with a video on Youtube tomorrow, leading them down a path that’s been thoughtfully designed to achieve specific marketing objectives.

Smart businesses will use their content strategically to continuously engage their customers, build trust and form genuine relationships, all done with a sharp eye on ROI.

1. Omnipresence

Omnipresence is the strategy of capturing and keeping your customer’s attention by ‘being everywhere’. While that may sound exhausting and expensive, it’s really not too difficult.

Today’s remarketing capabilities give every marketer the ability to quickly repurpose content across a variety of platforms, ensuring they stay in front of their customers wherever they may go.

BUT – choose your platforms wisely. Go where your customers and clients go. Wouldn't make sense to spend time marketing on Instagram if your customers aren't there.

2. Authenticity Beats Big Budgets

The fact that just about every person on the planet is now carrying around a very high-quality video camera that is connected to the Internet means that content is leveling the playing field.

Entrepreneurs with even the leanest of budgets can’t compete with much larger competitors by leaning heavily on one content strategy: Authenticity.

Consumers crave content that is authentic and raw, giving advantage to the smaller business that’s willing to truly personally connect with their audience.

Next time you are out and about (or even in your backyard) film a quick video on your phone filled with valuable content to share with your audience. Recording with your phone achieves that "raw" footage, but also makes uploading to any platform a snap!

3. Community + Content = Winning

Smart marketers will stop thinking of content purely as a tool to achieve sales goals, and realize that content has a higher purpose: to create a community of engaged fans.

The best content is no longer just being delivered in one direction to the consumer like a carefully-staged Super Bowl commercials, but is rather the start of an ongoing conversation between the business and the consumer.

Content combined with the community building power of social media allows brands to engage with their fans and create relationships that have much more value than short-term revenue figures.

4. Mojo Global is Here to Help

Content marketing has more importance than ever, and can’t be ignored as a strategy in an industry. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your marketing strategy, Mojo Global can help. Our Done for You Leads Program will help you connect with the right customers at the right time, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!