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I have an urgent, time-sensitive announcement Today and it may affect your business…

With less than a week until Christmas, then the New Year right around the corner, I wanted to take some time to tell you about a Huge Change that’s coming to our (Ira and My) life.

Not only is it a Huge Change, it’s a change that potentially concerns your business and the success you’ll either experience as a result of or miss out on altogether if you don’t read this message to the end.

It’s no secret, something I always ask my business partner, peers and other friends toward the end of each year is – Did you reach your desired outcome(s) this year?

Now, if you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the following set of questions, but bare with me for just a minute anyway and answer them as you read through:

If we were having this conversation 12 months from now, What would’ve had to have happened in order for us to look back over the 12 months and for them to be the absolute best you had in both your professional and your personal life?

What goals would you need to achieve, What levels of income would you need to be making, and my question is, What has caused you in the past 12 months not to get to those goals you already had?

What obstacles would you have to overcome in order to have that conversation 12 months from now and look at it as having reached all of your goals?

Would they be time obstacles, would they be tech obstacles, or would it basically just be having a plan to follow in order to know step-by-step what you should do to overcome these obstacles that have kept you from achieving your goals so far?

Now, What If there were a solution you could put in place that would help you to reach those goals, is it something you would commit to learning and implementing in your business? After all, if you have a goal, you need to have a plan, because a goal without a plan is simply a wish.

So Today, I’m going to tell you about a solution Ira & I are bringing to the table to Guarantee your success going into the First Quarter of 2018, and the best part is, it won’t require any:

– Programming or tech knowledge

– Advanced copy writing skills

– Crazy software or video equipment

– Automation

– Or cold calling

And it’s 100% Done-For-You!

Meaning you’ll START the year off with this critical piece of your business building puzzle already in place and won’t have to worry about it.

Have you ever noticed, the One Thing most successful coaches and consultants have in common?

The thing that sets them apart from all the other coaches and consultants out there…

If you said, a sales funnel that automates their front end client lead acquisition and follow up process, you’re correct.

The reason why (and you’ve probably heard us say this more than a dozen times by now) is because the fortune is in the followup, with 80% of ALL sales happening between the 5th and 12th touch point.

Not to mention, the funnel I’m describing is only used by the top 1% of All business owners.

But we’re changing that Today.

It’s also not one of those HUGE, cumbersome auto-webinar funnels that can cost upward of 6-Figures and comes with a learning curve fit for a Rocket Scientist.

That’s before ever even considering the time commitment (but I can tell you from experience, kiss your nights and weekends goodbye – oh, and how many sick days do you get?)

Only to be So Complicated, at the end of the day, you get absolutely zero use from it and you’re out the money and time to boot.

One Of Our Biggest Secrets For You Right Here, Right Now

The fastest way to success with any business (online, offline, coaching, consulting) whatever it is, all rests on a principle we call, “FPTC”.Or Fastest Path To Cash.

What it means is, that the fastest path to success (cash or revenue in most cases as it would be), is to “distill” your client acquisition process down to the most essential steps, without any any wasted motion.

So Today, we’re bringing you a proven solution and model for front end client lead acquisition and follow up that will FOREVER change your business for the better.

If Your Sales Process Lacks Emotion You’re Going Broke

With that in mind, consider the following fact:

Just 1 Minute of Video is Equal to 1.8 Million Words.

1.8 Million Words that would take you 6 MONTHS, if you worked at it for 1 hour a day.

This fact is So Critical, we consider Video the “Lifeblood” of our business.

We’ve been using video for nearly a decade in our business now and I’m not afraid to admit it’s the most profitable business strategy we deploy on a regular basis, bar none.

So much so, that we’ve added Millions of Dollars to our bottom line as a Direct Result of Video.

Combine that with an award for “Best Video Production” from the ICON Builder event and Professional Video Shoots we’ve done for industry leaders such as: Les Brown, Bill Walsh, Sharon Lechter and Mark Victor Hansen, and you can see why we’re making Video a Critical Part of this Solution.


Each Done-For-You Video Sales Funnel Will Include The Following:

– One “Proven” High-Converting Opt-In Page Complete With Professional Copy

– One Professionally Written, Produced, and Recorded Video Sales Letter that Explains EXACTLY Who You Are and What You Do, Then Gets Your Top Prospects To Register For a Consultation With You

– One Professionally Written Calendar Page (Setup Included)

– One Professionally Setup SMS Texting Application For Broadcast And Follow Up Messages

– 12 Professionally Written Emails, Including:

4 Emails For Driving Targeted-Prospects To Your High-Converting Opt-In Page

1 Confirmation Email For Once They Book A Consultation With You

3 Consultation Anticipation Emails For Pre-Educating And Warming Up The Prospect Before The Consultation

3 Indoctrination Emails So You Can “Give” Value Ahead Of The Consultation

1 Reminder Email To Send Out An Hour Before Your Consultation

– 2 Professionally Written SMS Text Reminders:

1 For The Morning Of Your Consultation

1 For 45 Minutes Before

So by now you’re probably wondering…

Cory And Ira – Why Exactly Are You Doing This?

Well, the reason is really two-fold.

1. The last time we offered anything like this was WAY BACK during a Full Day Training Session on 11-11-11, as in November 11th, 2011…


Well, in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what works (and plenty about what doesn’t).

And in that time we’ve also added Millions to our bottom line as a Direct Result of THIS EXACT FUNNEL we’re offering to build FOR YOU Today!

2. Because the Mojo Family has grown so Rapidly over the years (Thank you again for that, we wouldn’t be here without you guys) this has been one of the most In Demand if not the Most In Demand Services members ask for each and every week.

So you might say, the service is “Back By Popular Demand”.

This Isn’t For Everybody

Now, it’s because this isn’t for every single person we talk to that there is absolutely nothing for sale today.

I know, sorry!

But what I can tell you is this: We have enough time (and space) left in 2017 to Build 3 (MAYBE 4) of these Done-For-You Video Sales Letter Funnels.

And of course it will be based on a first come, first served basis.

So, if you’re ready to Book Yourself Solid and Enter the Great Race of 2018 AHEAD of your Competition and don’t have the time (or desire) to build this most Critical Business Asset…

Here’s What To Do Next

Click on the link below and take just one minute to fill out our extremely short questionnaire to setup your personal consultation with Ira and Myself.


Once you do, we’ll take a few minutes to get up to speed on your business and setup a time to talk.

On the call, we’ll “dive deep” and create a personalized plan that is custom tailored to your individual business.

Please Note: Even if you don’t end up having us build your video sales letter funnel, past students have reported bringing in tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands of dollars) in unexpected revenue as a result of the business building strategies we share with them on the consultation.

Talk soon,
Cory & Ira

P.S. This initial offer will only be available until we fill the available 3-4 spots, as outlined above.

P.P.S. We reserve the right to cancel any consultations once the available spots are reserved.

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