The Benefits of Posting Original Articles on LinkedIn

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Before we review the benefits of posting original articles on your LinkedIn Profile, let’s look at an overarching reason to create original content… which is for you to be seen as a thought leader in your industry.

Creating informative content helps you become someone who people like to learn from, helps build a relationship with them, can provoke discussion and lead prospects to action.

“A thought leader is recognized as a leading expert in a specialized field and is able to monetize this positioning.” (Forbes)

And, your LinkedIn Profile provides an excellent vehicle to build your reputation as a thought leader.

According to LinkedIn, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content – is this all original content? No, I don’t believe so, but the main reason I added this stat is to fire you up to add content to your profile.

So, let’s look at the benefits of distributing original content via your Profile.

The Benefits of Posting Original Articles on LinkedIn

  1. Helps Build a Relationship with Your Connections. Since LinkedIn is all about building relationships it makes sense to build your reputation by providing value so you can be seen as relatable and an expert in your industry.

“Dave wrote an excellent article, in fact he’s always writing great articles – not like those other people who just want to sell me something. They don’t even take the time to know me. Dave seems to understand what’s important to me, and I think he’s an approachable guy. I’d feel comfortable talking to him. Maybe he can help me solve my problem. I need to set up a meeting with him.” Says Dave’s first level connection after reading Dave’s informative article.

  1. Show Yourself to be an Expert and a Thought Leader. This is a #1 reason to publish original content on LinkedIn.

“Man, Dave sure understands the problem Joe says he’s having with his business, he must have lots of knowledge about the subject, maybe I should tell Joe about Dave being an Expert and that he may have a solution for his problem – I think I’ll send Joe a copy of this article.” Says Dave’s first level connection upon reading Dave’s article.

  1. Reach a Broader Audience. Every time your first level connections like or share an article it becomes visible on their news feed.

“Dave wrote an article that’s impressive, and I’m going to “like” it!” Says Dave’s first level connection.

“Wow! I need to connect with Dave and check out his profile.” Says Dave’s second level connection who had a chance to read Dave’s article because her first level connection liked it.

  1. Bring Eyeballs to Your Profile. LinkedIn notifies your connections each time you publish. This helps them remember who you are.

“Why, it’s Dave again, he’s posted really good articles before that have been worth taking the time to read. I need to read this one. It’s about the benefits of the product I want to buy to solve this ongoing problem. I trust his advice.”

  1. Adds Value. When someone sees an article and then visits your profile it helps build your credibility, and your reputation is built as a thought leader.

“When I buy this, I need to buy from Dave because he really knows his stuff – I think I should message him now.”

Now, that I hope I’ve convinced you of the benefits of adding original content to your profile as part of your marketing strategy, let’s look at where is will be seen.

Where Original Articles are Seen (source: LinkedIn)

  1. The Homepage of your 1st degree connections.
  2. The Homepage of your 2nd- or 3rd-degree connections if re-shared, commented upon, or liked by your 1st-degree connections.
  3. Content search results for topics you’ve posted.
  4. Your Recent Activity Page.
  5. Your Public Profile, which is also visible to people who are not signed in to LinkedIn.
  6. Other sites off LinkedIn as people search for the topic. Google indexes articles and, as you probably know, they become more valuable as time goes on.
  7. Your connections’ feeds are personalized for them based on people they follow, their connections, and their engagement on LinkedIn. Posts that are professionally relevant will benefit from organic distribution through your network with community engagement such as likes, comments, and shares, allowing your content to reach the largest group of professionals.

Bonus Tip: We’ve found that when we send out nurturing emails on behalf of our Done-For-You clients it’s helpful to include a link to an original article they posted on their profile as it helps increase traffic and sales.

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