The impossible mountain of financing paperwork

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Hello again! Ira Rosen here, the co-­founder of the award-winning marketing firm Mojo Global. Thanks for joining us as we launch Mojo Financial, a new funding product that can secure up to $150,000 for your small business in as little as two weeks, with no stress and zero red tape. Today I’d like to share with you what inspired us to make …

Breathe easy with true no­ hassle funding for your small business

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Hi there! My name is Ira Rosen. I’m the co-­founder of Mojo Global, the award-winning marketing firm that teaches entrepreneurs how to create predictable leads, clients and revenue. Cory and I spent the past seven years launching products and services that have helped small business owners like yourself in over thirty countries around the world achieve their greatest goals. It’s work that fuels me in a …

the day my dreams came true (and yours!)

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Anyone who has ever started a company did it because they have dreams and aspirations. (Those that don’t dream don’t tend to get very far). There are many different types and combos of aspirations: -To make a difference in the world -Live well with your family -Travel the globe -Have enough money to sit on a beach all day -Have …

best practices in email deliverability

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This week’s Mojo Marketing Radio show, we had Chris Lang, the head mad scientist and co-founder at and spends all his time thinking about nothing but how “The Machines” work at Email Delivery Jedi in Denver, Colorado.