David Fagan Is Looking For Authors!

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We want to extend the olive branch of success to our online community. David Fagan, the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, and good friend of MoJo, is looking for some good people to help write his upcoming book. David is looking for people who are ready to become published authors, and have some great insights to share with the world.  It requires and investment of $3,000 but here is what David will provide in return:

  • Your picture on the back of the book
  • A 1,500 word chapter in the book
  • Help writing the chapter
  • The book will be on Amazon
  • A PDF of the book (e-book) that you can give to whom ever you wish
  • 25 books for you to do what ever you want (but David will show you what you SHOULD do with them)
  • An opportunity to buy as many books as you want at $5 a copy plus shipping and handling if it applies
  • An invitation to a book launch party in January when the book is released
  • Yourr name in any and all press releases about the book
  • Your picture and bio on a website about the book, that David will create
Although the book won’t be out until January, David will provide ways for you to leverage the power of the upcoming book, as well as being an author.
There will be an application and interview process for everyone who is interested. This is to ensure that everyone inside the book’s covers are reputable individuals. The power and influence that can be leveraged from a project like this is huge! If you are interested in being an author in David’s new book, please contact us either by phone or click here.
One more thing… David has mentioned that he already has some very successful people in the process of writing a few chapters. Don’t miss your chance!

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