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Why Do You Need Video Marketing for Small Business?

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Small business owners have to think of the most effective marketing strategies. Video marketing is the ultimate way of marketing. It has the power to attract and influence people unlike any other medium, be it text, audio or anything else. However, small business marketing is a competitive field. The reason is that a lot of people are venturing into small …

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The Power of Video Marketing

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First  the Mechanics of video marketing. There are two key components to video marketing when considering your strategy Content what do I want my content to do Distributional and syndication who do I want to see my content Video Content normally falls into several categories: Branded editorial Editorial Educational How to use Most of your videos will fall into one …

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Online Video Marketing Strategy (Tip #362: Death By Details!)

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A SOLID Online Video Marketing Strategy ( is essential before you make the PLUNGE into video?! Follow the simple steps outlined in this Youtube Video to show you exactly how to overcome the fears and details of Online Video Marketing that cause MOST to simple FREEZE and never ever take action! To learn more about Video Video Marketing, hope on …

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What is YouTube Real Estate Marketing?

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Real estate marketing is the talk of the real estate industry. However, 92% real estate agents do not know the best methods to generate sales. They are tied up with the same old methods that has stopped working years ago.  You cannot randomly opt for any of the available marketing ideas for real estate business. You need specific ideas that …


Jeff Slayter On NLP

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NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is defined by Business as the: “Set of rules and techniques proposed for modifying behavior in achieving self improvement, self management, and more effective interpersonal communications. Based on certain assumptions about how language and movements Jeff Slayter on NLP of eyes and body affect brain (neurological) functions, NLP is similar to self-hypnosis.” In terms, of …


Ryan Garey On Sales Psychology

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Download your Audio Version Here Sales Psyschology   Understanding the psychology behind a sales video can be the most vital part of any Video. By first understanding how to communicate and connect with your clients, prospects, and partners can be the key ingredient to building the relationship that will turn those maybe’s into eager buyers. Now, this is something that …