Linkedin Secret

The LinkedIn Secret is Out!

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A lot of marketers know that LinkedIn is a great lead generation tool. In fact, you can easily harness the power of LinkedIn in just a few simple steps. Did you know that there are actually 15 ways to find prospects in LinkedIn? How would you like to know what these 15 ways are? In this episode, learn about the …


The Ultimate LinkedIn Strategy

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Without a doubt, LinkedIn is holding its own against other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, what most marketers don’t know is that it is actually a better lead generation tool than all other social networks combined. So what sets LinkedIn apart from other social networks? How can you effectively use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool for your …


Copywriting Matters

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Copywriting is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. It is also one of the most overlooked. However, when done right, copywriting actually has the power to dictate how much business you get in months, even years. So how do you write good copy? And most importantly, how can you use it to grow your business? In …


Stealing the (Trade) Show

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Trade shows provide ample opportunity for networking within your industry and your community. Not only do you meet potential partners and clients, there is also the chance of gaining new knowledge from spokespersons and exhibitors. So how do you successfully ‘hijack’ a trade show in order to leave a lasting impression? And just as important, how do you maximize all …


Mail Marketing Advice from The Legend

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Like all marketing strategies, mail marketing can generate plenty of leads, if done right. As a matter of fact, copywriting is not so much dependent on you being a good writer, but on how you understand people. So how exactly do you get high open rates with your e-mails? What are some of the tips that can help you achieve …

Empty Calendar Syndrome

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You might not know it, but your business could be suffering from a very critical condition known as the Empty Calendar Syndrome. If you find yourself with very few prospects and talking to very few people, and if you’re simply not gaining the momentum that you want, then your business definitely has the symptoms of this debilitating illness. So why …


Your Business Needs Mojo

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Business is an ever-changing arena. If you want to dominate over your competition and thrive in the new economy, you have to adapt to these changes and keep up with how the game is played. Building sustainable relationships and making an impact have never been more important than in this current business climate. But exactly how memorable are you? And …