Blogging and Social Media

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Good news! It’s still early in the year, so there is time to implement changes that will increase your sales in 2018. Blogging is one of the most widely used B2B content marketing strategies… it builds links and authority, provides a platform to promote your products or services and can help your prospects understand the value of your offer. How are you with blogging? Good, …

Is it weird to prospect on Facebook and SMS?

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In this weeks Mojo My Business Podcast, we ask the question: is it inappropriate to reach out to a prospect on Facebook messages and through SMS? Our friend, Eric Lofholm, known as the Sales Champion, answers this controversial question. We are also joined by Dr. Bob Brewer from “Lead the Team”, who answers the “age old” question: Why don’t people …

How to Sell a product if You Hate Selling

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On this week’s Mojo Marketing Edge Radio Show, we talked about how I started to be an entrepreneur. I was also joined by a young Entrepreneur, Luis Suarez, founder of He stumbled onto internet marketing and has been learning about it ever since. You don’t want to miss this very interesting episode!

How to become the most desirable and infuential version of yourself

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Press the play button below to listen to the show! Wish to be dramatically more influential in your business? Want to attract the ideal relationships, people, circumstances, prospects, and money into your life? Join us and Mojo’s Secret Weapon for eradicating “burnout“, getting our Mojo back, increasing revenue and igniting a more purposeful life. Your Transformational Guest & Host: Dr. …

Learn the current trend for entrepreneurs

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Catch the “little known”, but hyper-effective strategy in today’s Mojo Marketing Edge radio show.  Also we are joined by a special guest who reveals how he surrounds himself with 7 figure business owners himself, and his formula for taking them to 8 figures in 12-24 months.

How to be a fit and healthy entrepreneur

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In this Mojo Marketing Edge Radio show, our guest, Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, a licensed doctor of chiropractic talks about “biohack“. Tune in here and discover what is the right thing to do to avoid any injury, to stay healthy and to keep your body getting AWESOME everyday.