5 Tips to Write an Email Subject Line that Gets Opened

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When it comes to email marketing, nothing beats the subject line. You could have the best content within the email itself, but if the recipients don’t open it, it’s basically useless. On top of that, the majority of consumers state that the only factor they consider when opening an email is the subject line. Here are five tips to writing …

4 Ways to Improve the Buyer Journey

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There are a lot of sales and marketing tips and strategies bouncing around the internet, so it can be confusing to decide which ones are appropriate for your business needs. A tip: Consider the needs of your potential customer first, then determine the best way to address them in your sales process. One simple, but powerful way to understand your …

Why It Pays to Incorporate Personality into Your Sales and Marketing…and How to Do It Right

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For consumers, buying a product is about more than the product itself. They’re also looking for brand image and personality, which tells them that they’re getting behind a business that cares about their product and their customers. So, personality is about more than branding — it’s an important way to tell customers that a product, and your brand, deliver on …

How to Use Email to Create a Better Customer Experience

How to Use Email to Create a Better Customer Experience

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Email is a powerful tool for your business, from marketing and promotion to customer service and engagement. When used correctly, email gives you a positive connection to your customers that can be used to enhance their overall experience and build more trust in your brand. With so much value being placed on customer experience, we’re here to show you how …

How to Ask for Testimonials

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Word of mouth is a powerful force in the business world, and testimonials serve the same purpose in the online environment. A testimonial can boost your credibility, build trust with your prospective buyers and compel people to buy, giving you tons of traction in the future. The key is to get the right testimonials from the right people at the …

How-to Prospect with Cold Emails

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Prospecting with cold emails is still a valuable tool in the salesperson’s arsenal, and it’s exceptionally easy to draft and send dozens of emails a day in hopes of getting some prospects. Unfortunately, sending emails isn’t enough, since you need readers to reply to get any results from your efforts. If you can turn a cold email into a conversation, …


David Fagan Is Looking For Authors!

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We want to extend the olive branch of success to our online community. David Fagan, the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, and good friend of MoJo, is looking for some good people to help write his upcoming book. David is looking for people who are ready to become published authors, and have some great insights to share with the world.  It …


Mojo Global Helps Business Profit from Video Campaigns Via Mobile Phones

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By Jeffery E. Pizzino, APR   SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Aug. 1, 2011 – In a marketplace that’s more competitive than ever, it’s important businesses use the latest technological innovations to maintain that competitive advantage.   The latest marketing craze is sending video messages from one mobile phone to another. In fact, the use of video on mobile phones is projected …