How It Looks From The Peak Of The “Sales Mountain”

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Note: Content is courtesy of Eric Lofholm.

When I was in Paris with my Fiance over the holidays we took a cooking class. Now I’m not much of a cook, but the lesson was to make a 5-star meal with help from our culinary chef and teacher.


In the end…we made an EPIC meal, and it looked exactly like one you would see in a Gordon Ramsay kitchen.

But how?

All I had to do was to follow the instructions.

You see, there is structure in putting together a world class meal – you just have to know the right steps and the order in which to bring them all together.

Similarly, there is structure in selling.

There is a path that leads to success, and a very well-defined one at that.

I like to think of it as the Sales Mountain.

Let me teach you how to get to the top.

Say you booked a lead and scheduled an appointment. Success! You’ve already completed the first two steps: lead generation and appointment setting. But what comes next is the selling part…

How do you take your lead on a journey that ends with a satisfied customer and revenue for your business?

Follow the structure of the Sales Mountain.

First, you will need to build trust & rapport – this is going to be the basis of your relationship with your prospect.

Before I go further, it is important for me to explain that you cannot rearrange the steps of the Sales Mountain, or skip parts. It just doesn’t work that way.

After establishing trust, you need to identify the needs of your customers. If you are building trust, focus on building trust, not your pitch; and if you are trying to find their problems, just focus on that.

The next step after addressing their problems, is to share the benefits of you trying to fix their problems. Answer the questions: Why you? Why not your competitor?

And then you close, using your pitch.

About 25% of your prospects will not immediately buy from you. It is a fact.

This is where you will dance with the prospect. Identify why they won’t buy, and rationalize their fears.

And then go for the pitch again…. this time, they will likely buy.

Congratulations! You have reached the summit of the Sales Mountain.

Sometimes, the prospect will still not buy or ask for more time before making their decision. That is fine, as long as you follow up in due course. Eventually, you have to corner them into a decision – how to do that is a question for another time.

Are you ready to add this Sales Mountain technique to your selling approach? If so, check out a done-for-you system that we have set up to make sure you never run out of prospects to use this technique on!


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