How To Nail Your Sales Presentation

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What is the one thing you can do to nail your sales presentation?

Actually, what is the absolute best one thing you can do to nail your sales presentation?

This ONE THING can double or triple your closing rate.

It’s more simple than you think. It’s something you can spend 30 minutes doing once and have repeat success with it.

According to Eric Lofthom, it’s scripting.

One of the major components of Eric’s preparation ritual is to script out the sales presentation.

He might deliver it word-for-word…or just wing it, but what is important is that he scripts it out first so he knows what details are the most important.

One of the most important facets of this concept is flexibility. Flexibility in applying scripting to any presentation. There are certain sales presentations that he would advise using a word-for-word script for – like infomercials and in some cases a webinar.

Then there are other times when you will want to use a consultative sales approach, but whether using a consultative sales approach or word-for-word sales presentation, you are going to want to prepare the presentation in advance.

Scripting is going to be one of your greatest assets and I am going tell you about a unique technique on how to do that based on Eric’s teachings.

Sales scripting and improving your close ratio through preparation is a powerful concept.

Consider this:

You generate a lead, you book an appointment and now you are in a meeting with the prospect.

What you need at this time is called an agenda script… An agenda script is where you let the prospect know, in advance, what’s going to happen in the presentation or conversation.

So a realtor might say, to a husband/wife in a listing presentation,”What I would like to do now is to share with you how our appointment is going to go today…First, I am going to ask you some questions to find out what is most important to you about the sale of your home. Then, I will share with you what other properties in this area have sold for. Then, I will share my vision of how I will successfully sell and market your property. At the end of our time today, you will have the opportunity to hire me as your real estate agent if you feel comfortable with my ability. Sound good?”

That is an example of an agenda script.

An Olympic gymnast would never compete without knowing their routine. Similarly, you should not pitch without knowing your script

You see, to produce results there are patterns. When you discover these patterns and model them after a successful sales presentation, you will notice an increase in your closing ratio.

Can you see yourself using this concept in your own presentation?

If your answer is yes, then your sales journey starts right here.



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